According to an article on, black-owned business annual revenues are $58,000 compared to $546,000 for white-owned businesses.  This statistic represents the reason why increased awareness and exposure for black-owned businesses is important. 


Memphis Small Business Quarterly (MSBQ) was created to feature emerging and enterprising entrepreneurs who lack resources to purchase advertising and public relations. 

Prosperity Now conducted research on African-American entrepreneurs in three states: Georgia, North Carolina and Mississippi.  One of the primary reasons for businesses not thriving is limited capital according to the research study. 


Many African-Americans pursue entrepreneurship because they want more financial freedom, the ability to manage their own schedule and to do what they love. 

Memphis Small Business Quarterly was birthed inside the Crews Center for Entrepreneurship in 2017.


Business owners need a public relations and advertising strategy to reach customers. This is essential to generate leads and sales. 


This year, we re-branded our magazine concept to include entrepreneurs in Jackson, Nashville, and Murfreesboro.  Our Spring/Summer edition will be published in mid-June. 

Our media products include a digital and print publication, a video conversation and branded product merchandise. 

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