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Female entrepreneur uses corporate experience to propel business

By Jake Mayo

Former director uses her experience to launch a supply chain and logistics business in Nashville, TN. Ogechi Anatonwu, founder of Global Chi Supply Solutions, LLC shares the beginning of her journey in a written dialogue.

Courtesy Photo of Ogechi Anatonwu

Q: Could you provide a brief summary of your company?

A: Global Chi Supply Solutions, LLC is a provider of wholesale consumable products, we provide a wide range of personal protection equipment for the health and wellness industry. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee with a 3rd party logistics center in Dallas, TX, we are able to serve multiple customers across the US in a timely manner. Our number one goal is to provide high quality, low cost product solutions.

Q: You have worked for over 14 years in supply chain management, what made you decide to pursue a career in the field of supply chain management?

A: It was very organic, I was a graduate student in Biomedical Engineering and applied for a summer internship at Asurion. The internship program happened to be in Supply Chain and 13 years later – I had progressed from intern to Sr. Director in Supply Chain at Asurion.

Q: You have managed large teams across the globe that spend $2 billion annually. To some that would be a scary thought to even be apart of something that handles so much money. What would you say to other entrepreneurs or people that are dealing with large amounts of money like this?

A: Have a strong team around you that can insurance the right systems, processes and compliance mechanisms are in place. You should always have a scorecard to manage your key performance metrics and triggers in place to identify out of control events and occurrences.

Q: As an entrepreneur, how was your journey to get where you are today?

A: Similar to my corporate journey it has been very organic. I set the intention and affirm the goals that I want to accomplish in this space of being an entrepreneur. From that I’ve connected to some key strategic partners that have helped me to put the right structure, foundation and opportunities in place to drive revenue and profitability.

Q: You are located in Nashville, TN. - Would you say that location has helped your business?

A: Yes, logistically Nashville’s location works very well for getting to major key cities within a short window of time. Which has allowed it to become a melting pot of individuals and corporations that bring a large amount of opportunities and relationships for entrepreneurs.

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Jake Mayo completed an internship for Writing by Design Media, Inc. He is a student at the University of Memphis - Lambuth Campus.


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